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short films

one last fight (2015)

My Role: Producer, Writer, Director, Editor

This was a short film we produced for a local comic convention, imagicon. It was written, filmed, and edited in about 8 weeks. Shot on a Panasonic GH4 with a set of rokinon prime lenses. A lot of the shots were done with a DJI Ronin hand held gimbal. All the actors and crew were local talents, most of which were getting their first experience on a film set and all of which were volunteering their time. All of the fights were choreographed by the lead actor, Rodger Martin, a local shou shu instructor.

Sins of the father – heads or tails (2015)

My Role: Producer, Writer, co-Director, Editor

Another local short film shot here in Minot, ND. This was a project of ND Strong, a local non-profit organization that supports the arts. In addition to Producing this film, I helped rewrite the story, took on co-directing and editing duties. It was also shot on a GH4 with Rokinon prime lenses and a DJI Ronin gimbal. Several local businesses made this film possible through funding, locations, and waredrobe donations.

providence road (2009)

My Role: Producer, Writer, Director

This was a short project my former classmates and I put together after graduation. It was co-produced by my late friend, Jayson Martinez aka Martin Lemaire (RIP). Jayson is also the lead actor in this film. It was shot on a HVX200 with a Redrock 35mm adapter. We shot the majority of the film at my grandmother’s home in my home town of Ponce de Leon, FL. This was the 4th and last project I got to work with Jayson on before his passing.

call center (2007)

My Role: Producer, Writer, Director

This short film was shot while I was still attending Full Sail University. Most of the crew and a few of the cast members, including the lead actor, were my fellow class mates. It was Co-Produced by my good friend and roomate (at the time) Sam Pew and was my 3rd project with Jayson Martinez. It was shot on a DVX200 with a home made 35mm adapter. The “homemade” aspects are pretty noticable, but we had such a great time making this film it will always been one of my favorites.