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I have produced multiple films, videos, and television commercials. Taking projects from concept to a finished deliverable. Producing film and video is all about understanding the entire process and know how each piece fits into the big picture. No pun intended. If you are looking for someone who can take your project to the next level while keeping under budget and on time, contact me .
Directing is my first love and I pride myself on being able to take a vision and bring it to life. Directing takes a multitude of skills including storytelling, communication, and just true creative talent. It’s a job of dualility. The technical aspects of capturing the images and pulling genuine performances from actors. Working with actors is a unique skill that I have been honing for over 10 years. If you are looking for a Director with experience and love for the craft, contact me.

I’ve been using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects for over 10 years now. Within that time I’ve developed not only skill in different editing and motion graphics techniques, but the speed required to produce quality result quickly. I’ve cut projects ranging from wedding videos to full feature films and documentaries. Along with a strong foundation of cutting footage, I also have experience applying post production visual effects such as,  compositing, color grading, and title sequences. If you’re looking for some one to edit your project or someone to join your post production team contact me.


Want to learn how to shoot, edit, or produce films and videos? I have developed several packages that touch on all the various areas of my experience and expertise. Whether you’re looking for training on cameras, lighting, editing techniques, or software I can build a training course customized for your needs. Contact me for more details.